Senior Delphi Developer

بواسطة أحمد علاء 9/13/2012 2:24:00 AM


  • Implement technical solutions using internally developed platform using Delphi language.
  • Focus will be on developing Client side software
  • Produce high quality code which is functional and maintainable.
    Participate in the development process for gathering requirements, implementing, testing and releasing applications.
  • Maintain and improve the applications after go-live.
  • Improve and maintain existing code, procedures and systems.
  • Impart knowledge and benefit of experience to other members of the team (eg development best practices and standards)
  • Partner with the front line support team in supporting the applications.


  • Highly motivated with a commitment to produce high quality results.
  • Constantly looking for improvements to all aspects of the development process.
  • Effectively communicate ideas and take on-board the ideas of others.
  • Ability to work efficiently under pressure.
  • Strong interest in computing in general and be able to apply outside knowledge to our work.
  • Interested and open to learning new ideas and concepts; inquisitive
  • Needs to be able to work effectively with people from outside the IT team, particularly with Front Office Support and Trading/Sales/Operations.

General Requirements

  • A motivated programmer seeking excellence and quality.
  • A good reader who can find information in English and digest it.
  • A team player who can communicate ideas and take on-board the ideas of others.
  • You DON’T need to have a university degree in Engineering.
  • You DON’T need to have work experience.
  • You DO need to show a sample of your work (preferably in Delphi).

Apply your CV and samples to: